Thursday, April 16, 2015

Corruption of the world, thanks to technology!

Technology is very helpful in more ways than one but it is corrupting the people of the world.

In the olden days you would walk down the street and say 'hello' to everybody, you would actually know your neighbours and participate in communal activities. In this day of age when you walk down the street all you see is people on their phones and its a very dangerous thing. I see so many people on the news and in the street, walking into poles, bumping into people, almost getting hit with cars and or cyclists. 

Phones were originally meant for communication, nowadays they are used for games, music, texting, phone calls and social media! Social media is only good for one thing... Making us believe in what other people in higher authority do is right. When i say higher authority i don't mean the government or the president or the FBI i am talking about the celebrities of the world and the new trend setters, the people who we see on TV. You may think that I'm talking absolute crap saying that they're in higher power but if you think about it what is run on the Internet and Television these days? Sitcoms (Big Bang Theory, FRIENDS, The Odd couple), Made up mythical shows (Pretty Little Liars, Supernatural, Heart of Dixie), Celebrities (Keeping up with the Kardashians, Paris Hilton's new best friend, The bachelor/bachelorette and the playboy mansion). All these different shows run all day everyday, we watch them and think: why aren't i as skinny as her? I'm going to use that joke! I wish i lived in that world with powers. Its shaping the world into what they want us to be like. If you asked a child these days to name 15 celebrities they could with no hesitation, but if you asked them to name  15 prime ministers, they probably couldn't... think about that?

Say you open Face book or Instagram or even the news app on your phone, all your going to see is a bunch of people complaining how much they're life sucks or that they just broke a nail, its not helping your life in any way and it just causes more augments for no reason. You may see celebrities wearing the best shoes, and new clothes and even giving out makeup tips, these things are shaping young minds into thinking that 'this is on the Internet and looks cool i might do that to'. 

My point of this whole blog is that people need to be less reliant on the technology.
When i was little i used to play outside and have fun, get grass stains on me and not have a care in the world, when the street lights came on i knew that was the time to go home. Its weird how little things like that make up a wonderful childhood. Kids are being deprived of this experience. When i was younger for my birthdays i got a scooter or bike, a paint set or new shoes. Now kids are getting new iPhone's and gold diamond jewellery. 

Parents and children need to lay off the technology, otherwise communication without it is going to be a struggle in the future.