Saturday, December 14, 2013

Annoying People

Annoying people
Hey guys you know what really grinds my gears, ANNOYING PEOPLE! Some people are annoying just because that’s who they are, but some purposely provoke me by doing annoying things such as:

Chewing loudly:
Close your mouth for go sake not everybody wants to hear and see you chewing like c’mon its annoying
People that act dumb:
(You know who you are) We all know you’re smart so stop acting dumb it’s not cute or funny it’s just plain idiotic. Stop doing it!

Chewing your fingernails loudly:
1. Nobody wants to hear that annoying sound of you constantly chewing on your fingers. My parents do it all the time and I find it the most annoying sound in the whole world, it sounds like your sucking your fingers. Just don’t do it
2.Nobody wants your nails all over their house, its gross and unsanitary

Sand or dirt in your bed:
Piss off sand. I hate it when I am ready to go to sleep and hop into bed and there’s enough sand in my bed to make a bloody sandcastle. Since I am Australian we love the beach and sand it always everywhere.

One thing SHUT UP! I don’t care if you’re a stranger or my best friend when you have a sniffy nose either get that shit under control and blow your nose or get away from me. Again IT IS SO ANNOYING!

If you do any of these things try and stop, you’ll be helping a lot of people be less annoyed. If you know any other annoying things comment them below or email it to me, I love hearing from you’s and you opinions xoxo J (

Thursday, December 12, 2013

What not to do at the Beach

This blog is inspired by Dan Howell I'm so In love with. He is so funny and cute as hell and I reckon everybody should watch his videos. (Sorry if anybody gets offended that I'm sort of copying Dan, I have watched all his videos and laughed so hard it inspired me to write my own)

The beach is a wonderful place to be on a hot summers day. You can get tanned, go for a swim, its a great place to go with friends or alone, but there is a certain un written rule book that you should follow when at the beach.

What not to do at the beach:
- Don't smoosh faces in front of everybody
Nobody want to see you and your boyfriend kissing 24/7 when they are trying to have a good time at the beach.
- Don't Stare!
Don't stare, I see it all the time, young girls in bikinis walking along the water having a good time and enjoying themselves then a creepy old fat man ruins it by sitting there and staring at them (Trust me its very uncomfortable)
-Wear appropriate clothing
Nobody wants to be at the beach and see some one's trunks fall off in the water or see them fly up in the wind
- Keep your balls to yourself
If you are playing a game like volleyball or badminton keep the balls to yourself I don't want to walk pass and get hit in the face by balls!

Like I said the beach is great when there aren't stupid people around to ruin it for you.
You can comment other annoying things you hate at the beach or other places :) I would love to read your opinions you can comment them on this blog or you can email me on 

Watch his videos:
Danisnotonfire "What not to do at the beach"